’22 In View

At this time last year, things were looking up. Covid Vaccines are coming online with the economy on a solid upward trend. The erratic Trump is on his way out, and the dull but middle-of-the-road Biden is taking over. A nation on house arrest is about to get sprung. Hopes for a great 2021 abound.

It Didn’t turn out that way. Rather than being a moderate, Biden proved to be a Bernie Sanders clone. Worse, the Biden Administration is proving to be one of most inept, giving Buchanan a run for his money in less than a year.  

Biden is making Trump look capable with the war on fossil fuels and trillions in unnecessary spending, giving us the worse inflation in decades, a border crisis, and a disastrous Afghan pullout encouraging our enemies.

Trump’s Project Warp Speed was already putting a million Covid shots in arms and accelerating when Biden took over. By taking an infusion and quickly recovering, Trump showed the worth of monoclonal antibodies in preventing terrible outcomes. Trump left vaccines and treatments promising control of the pandemic. We now have disarray on the Covid front. 

After this year’s results, one has to stretch to find reasons to be hopeful in ’22. Inflation continuing and hostilities threatened in Ukraine, Taiwan, and the Middle East engenders more fear than cheer. With everybody accenting the negative, I don’t need to echo their concerns.

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