The Dark Dawn of Delta

The rapidly spreading Delta variant of Covid is spawning a slew of bad policy decisions and threatens even more. A drumbeat for stern action appears across the legacy media. The New York Times editorial board and its OP-ED page demand vaccine and masking mandates. A Nobel prize-winning Economist tells us it’s time to forget “Nudges” and get tough. The most comprehensive rant I found was in the USA today and reprinted in other Gannett Newspapers. It takes up an entire newspaper page. 

All point to a shared view the unvaccinated are selfishly endangering society and must be forced to change their ways. These rubes can’t understand the science, so for safety’s sake, action is warranted. Forget the carrots and pick up the club.

As I’ve previously pointed out, there are plenty of legitimate reasons to hesitate to take the shot. Ignoring rather than recognizing the rationales is the modus operandi for the media. This mind frame is resulting in a manual of how not to reach people. It is splitting the country even further without solving the problem. Instead of taking my advice and selling people, the Biden Administration and its media allies make the situation worse.  

In the past few days, Dr. Anthony Fauci, the Administration’s top medical advisor, took to several media outlets to threaten an avalanche of vaccine mandates just as soon the FDA gives the vaccines full approval. While he didn’t predict the blessing within 30 days, Labor Day or sooner is the unofficial goal. Employer vaccine mandates at your job or desire to participate in everyday life will finally force those Red-State bumpkins to take the shot. Without the possibility of lawsuits over being forced to take experimental medicine, it will be full speed ahead. 

Before the election, Biden and Kamala cast doubt on the Vaccines developed under Project Warp Speed. They expressed fear President Trump was forcing approval without the standard FDA procedures. Previously, we expected Pfizer’s full O.K. by the first of the year. Suddenly it’s anticipated by Labor Day. Could the full-court press by this Administration and its  supporting media be putting the FDA under the extreme pressure they inferred on Trump? It sure looks like it.

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