No Improvement

In the past, I’ve pointed to the lack of effective government by the Biden administration. In posts such as The Dog Ate Biden’s Homework” and Can We Afford Another Hundred Days I spelled out the shortcomings. Clueless on Operation Warp Speed, the Administration pumps out checks so people can stay home rather than going to work. In a rapidly growing economy flush with savings, the last thing we need is a massive increase in demand. Without workers, supply catching up pushed further in the future. The result is a 5+% rise in inflation.

An overrun Southern Border directly results from not anticipating the effect of reversing the Trumps Administration’s border arrangements.

A world-class vaccination program is crashing through confused messaging. Warp Speed promised control of the pandemic by the end of spring in the U.S., but the next step is worldwide control. The Biden administration has been late in ordering shots to distribute abroad. Confusion as to actual need has led us to a point where millions of doses are about to expire. Dr. Marty Makary asks why we aren’t shipping them to our Canadian and Mexican neighbors?

The Trump administration got off to a somewhat rocky start, but Trump was an outsider with no government experience. Biden has been in government for decades. He knew all the players. Biden should’ve known who to hire for a smooth-running operation. Yet, the Administration continues to fumble.

Trump had set a date for us to leave Afghanistan, and the Biden signed on to complete the withdrawal. One could argue whether this is a good policy, but both concluded it was time to leave our longest war. However, there is a right and wrong way to do things. Abandoning our most significant base in the middle of the night without a proper turnover to our Afghan Allies did nothing to instill confidence in us or the Afghan military. The Afghan government is now losing vast stretches of territory and may collapse in the not too distant future.

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