We Need A Change

More than ever, we have to open up our political system to new ideas. Both parties have grown stale in their approach to long-standing problems. Take healthcare. The Democrats, no matter what they say, want a single-payer system. Everything else is just a way to get there. The Republicans seem to have a brain freeze—a few changes around the edges, but no real plan. There is nothing attractive about the rationing that’s always part of a single-payer system or our current very costly approach. Other countries, such as Singapore, have had great success in moving a new direction.

The problem is, if one side proposes something different, the other dismisses it out of hand. Worse, each exists in its bubble. One side might not even be aware of what the other is discussing. Unfortunately, we have too many examples of mutual exclusion.

Before the election, A major American newspaper, the New York Post, published a story potentially damaging to Joe Biden. A laptop allegedly belonging to Joe Biden’s son Hunter was found. Some emails casting doubt on Hunter’s business practices and showing his father’s knowledge of them was on it. I have no special powers to establish the truth of the situation, but at a minimum, we would expect Hunter and his father to contest the story’s veracity. We never heard the father or son’s defense because no one asked. Also, Big Tech limited the story’s spread. It took over three years to find Trump wasn’t Putin’s agent. It would be nice to know the Bidens aren’t in hock to China and others.

A poll shows if people knew of the story, it might’ve changed how they voted. I have reservations on any poll’s validity, but it could’ve made the difference in the close election. A big part of the media acted to protect one candidate. If you were in that media bubble, you were just unaware.

Even Republican Governors and election officials accepted election results verifying Joe Biden won. There were errors but not enough to change the outcome. Trump had his days in court but failed to show data proving otherwise. If you just received your news only from outlets such as Newsmax, you might see election theft. Of course, President Trump attacking his fellow Republicans on these platforms added to the confusion.

We now have a situation where one says I read in the New York Times or saw it on CNN, and half the country tunes you out. Cite Fox or Newsmax and the other half rolls its eyes.

Given so many people have retreated into their protective bubbles, we can’t even agree on the basic outlines of a problem, let alone a solution. One side even has it’s own U.S. History, the 1619 Project. When you tell me Ben Franklin worked for our independence to preserve slavery in the south, I realize we’re on different planets.

This gulf is why I think we need a new party. I proposed the “Future Party” in my series by that name. Initially, I thought it best to bring together people to form a new party. A build it, and they will come idea. We would then bring forth new ideas. Now I realize we need fresh ideas to create a party around.

An excellent place to start is Dave’s Plan. It provides Universal Healthcare and, close to Singapore cousin, at a reasonable price. It improves finances and the mobility needed to get ahead. It’s a party platform all by itself. Read the series here and see if you agree.

With a new party sans historical animosities, we all can consider ideas without prejudice. Hopefully, people will give the new kid on the block a look. It’s the Holiday Season, so it’s good to be upbeat.

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