Following Up

I wrote about some things in the past that I need to follow -up on

.President-Elect Biden is about to ask America to wear masks for the next hundred days. I pointed out in my last post, 85% already are wearing masks. If this widespread mask usage hasn’t made a dent in the spread of COVID-19 spread, it’s hard to see a few more % would make a significant difference. A big problem is most people are wearing masks doing little to stop the spread. It appears some still aren’t convinced of this fact.

I just finished Alex Berensen’s third small book in his “Untold Truths about COVID-19 and LockDowns” series. I’ve highly recommended the previous two for getting a handle on what the COVID-19 data tells us. This one has been out for a few weeks, but Amazon only notified me a couple of days ago. It seems Amazon again held up his book. As luck would have it, the book is all about masks. It not only backs up what I wrote but does it in greater depth. If only we could get Joe Biden to read it.

What worries me is these less than 10% effective masks give people a false sense of safety, especially the at-risk. Seeing the elderly going in and out of stores wearing the same thin cloth masks as the rest of the shoppers should be a cause for concern. Maybe this explains why so many older people are still dying. Instead of having the proper PPE wherever the vulnerable are present, we tout Universal wearing masks unlikely to protect. These cloth masks aren’t much more than a virtue-signaling fashion statement.

Worse, several researchers at well-known Universities found social distancing is declining. We know distance is a good bet to prevent infection. Could the widely promoted idea of masks are protective encourage people to get closer than is safe? After all, the vast majority of people are wearing masks, and cases are still rising. What we need are masks that work. Maybe Honeywell and others will provide them to the general public soon.

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