A Word of Explanation

Why an “A Plan to Move Forward-Export Version”? It has to do with the middle of the night realization. The vision of ever more harm done by the continuing lockdown kept me awake. We needed a way out before the injury gains permanence. I had a plan for a proactive approach to determine when most people could go back to their lives. Getting it out to a broader audience isn’t easy for an old blogger. Maybe a major news outlet would help. After going down the list, only The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) showed promise. At least they had entertained the idea we might be running off a cliff. Hence, the more formal “Export Version.”

Alas, the only thing I received from the WSJ was a 4/6/20 email noting they had received the OP-ED. That was it. Rather than tossing this version of the plan, I thought it better to post it here. It just might be more accessible and quicker for people to understand. Since the WSJ submission, others such as Dr. Scott Atlas and Dr. John Ioannidis have made many of the same points. Just not a practical, comprehensive plan for right now. The test of a program is if we had it all over again, would we shut down the world? Would we put 30 million and counting out of work? Wouldn’t a more targeted plan have been vastly better? Remember, on March 20, the day California became the first state to issue a lockdown order; I proposed an alternative route in the “Some Thoughts” post. Ruined lives keep me up at night. Every day the depression gets worse and the road back longer. How can I get the word out? Any Ideas?

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