Grant the Democrats another Wish

In our last post we showed how through Democratic political malpractice, the Republicans got Judge Kavanaugh confirmed on the Supreme Court and energized their base to a point retaining control of both houses of congress is no longer out of the question.  There is a feeling among some Republicans to just turn the page and put all this behind us. This is understandable given the ugliness of the confirmation hearings.  It would also be a colossal mistake.  The accusers, their lawyers and the Democrats should  continue to be investigated.  We need to know just how totally unsubstantiated accusations of decades ago alleged crimes almost came within an eyelash of unseating  and destroying a federal judge.   There are very compelling  reasons for this .

We were told by the Democrats and their media allies a confirmation hearing is not a legal proceeding just a job interview so due process with a presumption of innocence isn’t required. Possibly these people have never been faced with filling a key position with a top-notch candidate.  In most cases it is the prospective employer wooing the prospect and not the other way around. Imagine how difficult it would for any employer to attract top talent if they acquired a reputation as unfair ugly place to work. A place where a totally unfounded claim could forever stain your reputation.  Most employers go to extraordinary lengths to avoid such a reputation.  The Federal Government as an employer is in a particularly  vulnerable position as the salaries are in great variance with the importance of its major positions.  People take a judgeship or a cabinet position not for the salary but the prestige, a desire for public service or a combination of the two.  They don’t do it for the money.  A top lawyer or corporate executive makes far in the private sector.  The prospect of a single uncorroborated accusation ruining your hard-won reputation forever changes the equation for entering public service. A nation needing top-notch people to fill its big positions would instead become a place to avoid.  Is this what we really want for our country?

One of the most disturbing aspects of all this is how many of our esteemed institutions  charged with upholding our long-established principles of due process have instead  turned their backs on them in this case .  The ACLU, the AMA and Harvard Law School are among a slew of institutions that have found an exception to principle here.  Why?  They apparently are against Judge Kavanaugh’s judicial philosophy.  This is raising up the political at the expense of principle.  These are institutions we need but we have to believe they’re fair.  Instead approximately half the country has lost faith in them.  Proving the falsity and ill-use of the accusers might just jolt them back to their age-old principles that earned them their reputations in the first place. Embarrassment can be a great motivator.

Probably the biggest institution losing its way in this mess is our free press.  As we previously pointed out the constant use of “credible accusation” by so many reporters across media. They should have  known they were making an unwarranted judgement. This exposed their bias.  The fact so many did this without seeming to realize what they were doing only shows how deep the bias is ingrained.  Maybe some will now wonder about their part in this fiasco and say to themselves, ” Oh yeah, I said they were “credible allegations” when they were totally without any support. Could I be biased?  Could I be fake news?”  If so it’s a start on the journey back to journalistic ethics.

Getting to the bottom of what went on during these hearings might seem to threaten the #MeToo movement but we propose that it would do the opposite.  Let’s face it, men and women have to get along in order to have workable society.  The movement by going down the road of every woman’s accusation must be believed even if there is no evidence threatens to make interactions between the sexes nearly impossible. This just isn’t conducive to arriving at the accommodations needed in our modern world. It takes the emphasis away from what will lead to more successful prosecutions of sexual predators of all stripes. Educating everybody what to look for, law enforcement better attuned  to handle these crimes and the earliest possible reporting leading to better chance of gaining convictions. We have made improvements but we need to do more. Destroying innocent people will only provoke a backlash lowering support for these needed reforms.  Does the #MeToo movement really want Michael Avenatti and Julie Swetnick defining it?

If Republicans are reluctant to press further investigation into what happened during this nomination battle, Democrats appear to be just getting stared.  Rep. Jerry Nadler (D NY) would become chairman of the House judiciary committee if the Democrats take control. He has already indicated he’ll hold investigations with an eye to kicking Justice Kavanaugh off the bench.  Nancy Pelosi would be the speaker of the house if the Democrats win has demanded all the notes of the latest FBI Kavanaugh background check in order to pursue the Judge.  It doesn’t appear the Democrats are showing any let up in their pursuit of Justice Kavanaugh’s destruction.  Chuck Schumer even plans to use Christine Blassey Ford as a 2018 campaign prop. Evidently the idea is to canonize her to sainthood to place her beside their Saint Anita Hill. Republicans and others should again grant the Democrats their wish to continue and broaden the investigation.  If possible give Pelosi and the public as much of the FBI report as possible..  Given the results of seven background checks, there is little or no danger of findings anything significant about Justice Kavanaugh, but the accusers, their attorneys and the Democrats would likely prove to be  target rich environments.  Any light shown on things such as who leaked the Christine Blessy Ford’s Letter, the pressure put upon her lifelong friend to change her story,  Mrs. Fords personal history or more illumination of the other two accusers are more promising for the Republicans than the Democrats.  Not much of anything to look for as far as Justice Kavanaugh, so much to be enlightened about with the others.

For all these reasons let’s go for the truth.  Let’s grant the Democrats another wish and continue the investigation into all aspects of what happened .  After all, look at how well it turned out for them the last time.


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