Democrat’s Wish Came True

In the Late Notes of our last post,  we advised the Democrats to be careful what they wished for.  They wished and indeed demanded yet another FBI  Judge Bret Kavanaugh background check.   Well they got it, making it the seventh in the series.  We warned it was unlikely to find anything further negative about the Judge given the microscope he’s been under.  On the other hand, the accusers were near virgin territory.  The results are in and as we predicted absolutely nothing supporting the accusers was found.  Without any corroborating evidence, the accusers were left naked for all to see.  Vindicated, Judge Kavanaugh is now a Supreme Court Justice.  What were the Democrats thinking?

Going into the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings, the Democrats enjoyed a double-digit edge on congressional generic ballot polling.  This pointed to a strong possibility of  a blue wave rolling over not only the house but even the Senate.  Polls showed far greater enthusiasm to vote among Democrats.  They were united in their disgust with President Trump while Republicans had mixed feelings about their President. Many were happy with the tax cuts, and regulatory reform but distrusted him on such things as trade,  immigration and temperament.  What all Republicans agreed on was the appointment of conservative judges and it appeared they already had their wish with two Supreme court justices and a host of other federal judges. If the Democrats avoided a major mistake, they were on their way to regaining some measure of power.  Today, the generic ballot is a statistical dead heat and the enthusiasm gap has disappeared.  All this happened in just a few weeks.

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