If the Russian situation isn’t enough to keep you up at night, our “policy” in the Far East should do the job.  North Korea threatens us with nuclear tipped missiles it hasn’t quite perfected  and we agree to a summit that can do nothing but enhance the prestige of that country’s dictator.  We are counting on China. to apply pressure on the  North Korean Dictator Kim to give up his Nuclear weapon systems, at the same time we are on the verge of a trade war with them over their predatory trade policies. Seems China is in a fortuitous of position to get a pass on trade if they help us on North Korea.  How did China get in this position and we ended up on the horns of the dilemma?

Now, North Korea is a Chinese Satellite much the same as Belarus is to Russia.  Both look to their masters before taking any action. What if Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko was determined to undertake a nuclear program to threaten its NATO neighbors especially Poland, Lithuania and Latvia. Would our President meet with him to get him to give up his program? Of course Putin would  offer to mediate the problem if we would remove our sanctions on Russia for his good offices. One would like to think we wouldn’t fall for this and would properly hold the puppet master Putin responsible . and go right after him.

Yet this is the same as our East Asia Dilemma. If Kim didn’t know his master he wouldn’t have been on the next train to Beijing when Xi whistled. Don’t be fooled with the reports China has been taken aback by North Korean actions.  If China didn’t want North Korea to have Nuclear missiles it would never happen. Kim would get the message and stop the program or he would be gone and someone more obedient would take his place  After all China is the only country providing anything of value to North Korea. There would be no collapse sending millions of starving Koreans into China, just a quiet military coup.  Those that have profited so handsomely from  North Korean Stalinism only have to be assured of their positions with the new boss. So why doesn’t China make the move?  Simply because this situation serves China’s purpose.  Think about it. China threatens major trade routes counter to our and our allies interests. They steal our and other’s intellectual property along with other unfair trade practices.  Without the North Korean situation, we would be taking a much more adversarial attitude towards China. Yes we’ve threatened put on some tariffs but those will probably go in payment for any help China gives in halting the North Korean Nuclear program.  You just can’t punish someone when you’re simultaneously begging for their help.  China has us just where they want us.

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