“I think it’s a disgrace” Trump

“It’s terrible, You wanna know the truth? I think it’s a disgrace You wanna know what’s going on in this country, I think it’s a disgrace” so says Pres. Trump in support of the Memo released from Rep. Nunez’s Republican majority House Intelligence Committee.  He’s right of course, just not in the way he thinks. Nothing before this 3 1/2 page document highlighted how much the right has fallen in line with President Trump.  Legislators,  pundits, editorial boards, website and talk radio hosts are dancing to the Trump tune.  Now the right had every reason to unite with the President on taxes, judges and regulations.  These were on the right’s wish lists long before Trump traveled in their direction to run for President.  However, his problems with the Russian probe are of his own making and have nothing to do with the aims of the right.  Why then are they for the most part rallying to the defense of Trump and this ultra partisan memo?

Last week, traveling to their to their West Virginia Retreat,  Republican members of congress were looking forward to taking  bows on the tax cut and the economy.  Polls were up ticking. They were going to present their agenda going forward as a springboard for success in the 2018 elections.  Instead, this memo drowned out their upbeat message focusing the nation’s attention on Trump’s Russian problems even before its eventual release.  Maybe the wreck of the train taking them to the retreat was an omen.  Why rush the memo out. without waiting for the Democrats minority report as is customary? By not waiting, their memo could only be seen as a partisan attack on the Mueller investigation. Even though they never shared Trump’s pro Putin stance which drew the original scrutiny to his campaign, they were sucked into Trump’s mess.  Amazingly, one of the few recent bi-partisan Congressional Acts, putting additional sanctions on Russia for interfering with our election, lies dormant because Trump to date has refused to implement them.

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