A Party Platform?

Imagine politicians in the coming months offering various pieces of legislation to accomplish the following:

  1. Provide healthcare for everyone costing no more than what has already been authorized
  2. Connect  everyone to a financial institution
  3. Relieve Healthcare providers of credit risk
  4. Eliminate the vast majority  of Medical Paperwork
  5. Allow medical providers to concentrate on medicine
  6. Increase mobility of our citizens
  7. Provide easy comparison of potential employers’ compensation offers
  8. Level the playing field for attracting employees between Large and small business
  9. Give workers more leverage in dealing with employers
  10. Put US employers on the same cost basis as Foreign Companies with National Healthcare
  11. Bring all people into the our Capitalist system from birth
  12. Provide everyone with foolproof ID
  13. Eliminate the employment of illegal emigrants
  14. Introduce competition in every phase of healthcare
  15. Allow for the widest latitude for innovation in all things medical
  16. Increase national savings
  17. Improve everyone’s retirement prospects

Sounds like a Paul Ryan type legislative agenda or a Party Platform. The truth is this is all done with one bill creating Personal Benefits Accounts (PBA) for everyone. We introduced this concept in Dave’s Plan to Reform the Affordable Care Act back on October 18,2014. The whole series can be accessed under Dave’s Healthcare Plan. Foreseeing the ultimate failure of Affordable Care Act (ACA) we put forth a plan reuniting healthcare and savings in a workable plan. We have come to realize PBA could provide an underpinning for all individuals to enhance their lives. Ultimately, isn’t this Government’s primary function? Continue reading