Pipelines, Canals & Trains

New York Sen. Chuck Schmer seems to have donned the mantle of opponent in chief of the Keystone Pipeline.  As such, we think a closer look at his thoughts on the matter is in order.  According to his comments on Face the Nation, Schmer appears to see all projects in terms of the jobs created.  “By most estimates it would create several thousand temporary construction jobs and only 35 permanent jobs,” Schumer said.  It seems the only people valuing this employment are the union members who would fill these jobs.  He didn’t stop there, he added,  “Why create very few jobs with the dirtiest of energy from tar sands when you can create tens of thousands more clean jobs using wind and solar?”  According to Chuck when you do something, you judge it only in terms of a jobs program.  How many people does it employ, rather than it’s actual utility.  This brought to mind an anecdote we read awhile back.  An account from the economics writer Stephen Moore that was printed in the Wall Street Journal in 2009.  Moore stated that he used to visit Milton Friedman and his wife, and together they would dine at a favorite Chinese restaurant: Continue reading