Dogma Over Reason

In my 2/8/21 post, I advised, “Do What You do Best.” Biden had run a quiet middle ground campaign with the central theme of “I’m not Trump.” Rather than rock the boat, build on what is in place. Operation Warp Speed promised to deliver Herd Immunity by the end of spring, if not sooner. As more people become vaccinated, the economy continues to open leading to a boom. The fourth quarter ’20 numbers showed we were already moving up. The Israeli-Arab Alliances are offsetting Iran in the Middle East. Our Southern Border was relatively quiet. China is a problem, but they know we are taking a much stricter attitude towards them. Giving the Ukrainians effective weapons stabilized that front. Continue what’s in place and add an excellent bipartisan infrastructure bill and bask in the results. Instead, Biden proposed colossal spending on virtually all of the far left’s dream list and undoing everything Trump accomplished.

Instead of realizing while many people have a personal distaste for the former President, they weren’t against his policies and actions. There is a good reason for this; many of the Trump policies worked. The Biden administration instead adopted the attitude if Trump did it, the policy or action must be evil and undone. Even if left in place policies such as Warp Speed and the economy, there could be no acknowledgment of the previous Administration. Border accords ditched, cozying up to Iran, and mixed signals to Russia and China replaced Trump’s policies and actions. In the last post, I made these points to show Biden’s first 100 Days unnecessarily disastrous.

The media has done its best to shield the President from his failures. However, reality has a way of breaking into the light. The recent job report illuminates the Administration’s missteps. Instead of the expected million jobs filled, only 266,000 more went to work. How could this be when everywhere you look, there is help wanted signs? The three reasons given are fear of Covid, schools still not full time, enhanced unemployment pay makes work unattractive, or some combination of the three. All these trace back to the Biden administration. A fully vaccinated President surrounded by masked vaccinated people still wears a mask inside or outside. Dr. Anthony Fauci, his chief medical advisor, wears two masks. The perceived message is no matter what we say, maybe these vaccines don’t work.

Go back to last summer when the Trump Administration told us schools were safe to open. Faced with solid data from Presidential medical policy advisor Dr. Scott Atlas, the CDC concurred. Some states, such a Florida, followed the science and opened in the fall, saving the school year. Unfortunately, many failed to provide in-person education. Even today, up to 40% of schools don’t offer full-time in-person schooling. Instead of using the bully pulpit to help the kids, the Biden Administration bowed to the teacher’s unions. With so many children stuck at home, for many parents returning to work isn’t an option.

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