An Ordered World with just a little “More”

From the time 10 thousand years ago mankind developed agrarian settled societies, a general form of organization came into being.  A pyramid with a relatively small ruling class at the top and the masses at the bottom.  Royalty, military and religious leaders backed by their staffs and bureaucracies directed the lives of those below.  Needed Artisans often had a special rung.  The wild card were the merchants who facilitated the exchange of goods within the society and with others.  Altogether they constituted a relativity small minority, supported by a base of the multitudes that provided the basic substance of life.  Whatever we gained “more” through trade, increased labor or innovation the “more” mostly went to to those toward the top of the pyramid. The upper classes gained in better food & drink, shelter, clothing and adornment and maybe most important time.  From 10,000BC to 1,500 AD, the masses across the world lived relatively short lives with the barest of necessities while providing the basics for  mankind. Continue reading