We took some incoming over our our April 17th post “All in the Plan”.  While most of the media was awaiting for Hillary’s coronation, we put forth that Pres. Obama would sandbag her and clear the way for a weaker candidate such as Elizabeth Warren to lose to the Republican.  This would leave the party machinery in his hands and clear the way for Michelle’s ’20 bid.  Now Hillary is a justice department criminal investigation away from being history.  If one goes forward, our prediction looks spot on.  Just look for the administration to leak that there would be a justice department revolt if they didn’t allow the investigation to go forward.  They’ll say that they would’ve liked to protect Hillary but their hands were tied.  Of course, we know from the IRS Scandal and other actions or non actions that the Justice Department Marches  to the Obama tune.  It will be fascinating to see if we’re right .  So far we like our chances.

“Dave’s Plan” to Reform Obamacare, first proposed in a policy post last October, had some of its principles endorsed by Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker.  His plan includes direct tax credits to buy Catastrophic Health Insurance across State Lines.  While welcome moves in the right direction, it lacks the costs savings inherent in “Dave Plan” of people spending their own savings and the credit and paperwork reductions that drive the plan.  If people like where the Governor seems headed, we urge them to look at the far more comprehensive “Dave’s Plan” that stands to deliver the greatest system wide savings.  Maybe this has opened the door for this discussion.

It would be hard to find a greater difference from our advice in for the Mideast in the “Sssshhh! Mideast Policy” postings from November and January and what has actually transpired.  We proposed aligning with those we had the most common interests, the Israelis and the Kurds.  While protecting our interests and humanitarian goals, we would let the Shia and the Sunnis sort out  their ideological differences with reform being the ultimate outcome and none of them getting nuclear weapons.  This meant pushing Iran to the wall while their oil income was disappearing, even entertaining an air strike.  What  actually happened is that we guaranteed Iran will get a nuclear weapon thus assuring that an arms race including nuclear weapons will sweep across the Mideast.  Could anything be more dangerous?  We’ve given very little to the Kurds thereby failing to utilize a people that could really help us towards  our goals.  We have great fears about how all this will turn out.

Also ignored was our advice to Urban America to continue to support the police and not throw them all under the bus for the possible actions of a very few bad apples.  What we have instead is a “Black Lives Matter” movement that celebrates in Ferguson Missouri the death of a thief who physically assaulted a policeman who was acting in a perfectly proper manner.  That officer lost his career and lives in fear for his life.  No wonder police across the country are holding back and doing the minimum.  This puts our urban areas on a downward slope from which they will have a hard time recovering.  It’s been a long time since race relations have been this bad and they seem to be getting worse.

No, we won’t get discouraged and will continue add our thoughts to the public discussion.

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