Lacking Unity And Competence

Well, this has been a week. We got an acquittal in Trump’s second impeachment trial. Also, we received new C.D.C. guidelines for in-person schooling. President Biden announced how he would have enough vaccine for everybody by the end of July. He also claimed his actions would save us from Trump’s failures. All of this gave us some insight into the competence of the Biden administration. The signs aren’t good.

Knowing you’re going to lose a battle and attacking anyway may make for a stirring poem. Tennyson’s “Charge of the Light Brigade” highlighted reckless bravery. It wasn’t a good idea then, and it’s foolhardy politics. There never was a chance of getting 17 Republican Senators to convict Trump. Why would you give the Ex-President a victory to lord over you? All it did was further divide the country along partisan lines. Wasn’t Joe all about bringing us together?

There was a win-win way out of the Capitol Riot mess if only Biden had the sense to see it. Republicans offered a censure rather than impeachment—a bipartisan measure condemning the departed President for his part in the rampage showing unity rather than division. A Gerald Ford moment is opting to focus on the National healing and needs instead of revenge. The Democratic left-wing might scream, but most of the nation would think of Biden as a bigger person.

Instead of asserting control of his party as all successful presidents have done, he allowed his party’s legislators to charge into “the Valley of Death.” Now Biden is faced with following the divisive impeachment with the highly partisan Covid Relief Bill. This massive legislation will lack any Republican input. It would’ve been far better to have a unifying action under his belt before pushing this highly partisan package. This sequence negates Joe Biden’s campaign promise to be a unifier. Worse, it upends his claims to competence.

The C.D.C.’s reaffirmation of its finding last fall that children should be in classrooms is encouraging. President Trump and C.D.C. had pushed for kids to return to in-person schooling ASAP. Many places such as Florida followed with little or no adverse results. Unfortunately, other didn’t, including some of our largest school systems. One of Biden’s campaign promises was to get the schools open by the end of his first hundred days.

In the face of strong opposition from the Unions, Biden’s press secretary tells us that means half the schools for at least one day a week. Shades of Biden’s promise of 100 million doses in 100 days, we are already well past that mark. Of course, that still isn’t having the kids back in school.

Unions claimed they needed new C.D.C. guidance for reopening. The C.D.C. accommodated them on Friday. While not requiring vaccines for teachers, the suggestions would keep many schools closed for the year. Complete new ventilation systems would take a lot of time. Worse, 6 ft spacing would crash capacity. Most research suggests 3 ft. is more than adequate. Low community spread standards are bound to keep many schools closed. While purporting to back open schools, the new C.D.C. guidelines’ effect appears to be the opposite. Are they a gift to the significant Democrat supporters, the teacher unions? The data is all on the side of having the kids in school without all these hurdles. The Biden administration just isn’t following the science.

More disturbing is the Biden Regime’s ignorance. They touted a goal of a hundred million shots at the end of a hundred days when we had already surpassed that rate. They then aspired to 1.5 million doses a day after we passed that marker. Ordering 200 million more hard to distribute doses for delivery when we will already be swimming in vaccine is questionable. This line shows a real lack of “Operation Warp Speed knowledge. Proposing half the schools open at least one day a week as another 100-day goal when we’re already well past those marks adds to the perception of lack of knowledge or seriousness.

Operation Warp Speed, headed by the triumvirate of Dr. Moncef Slaouri, Gen. Gustave Perna, and former H.H.S. Secretary Alex Azar, produced the vaccines to overcome the virus. The General continues to run the logistics for the vaccines. Of course, Sec. Azar is gone with the administration change, but Dr. Moncef Slaouri also lost out in the transition. The Doctor was vital in the success of Warp Speed. Perhaps this explains the Administration’s ignorance of the vaccine plan.

How else do you understand Biden’s push to open 100 new super-center vaccination sites nationally? Sounds good, but the devil is in the details. Oklahoma was excited about the idea until it found out it wouldn’t mean more doses, only diverting shots from their successful existing system. By the time they were up and running, the J & J vaccine likely will be approved. This new supply needs no special handling and uses the same widespread system as other vaccines. Already distributing all the approved vaccines it can get its hands on, Oklahoma doesn’t need disrupting new super-centers. It is hard to see who does. Better they found a way to approve the widely used abroad AstraZeneca vaccine. Already part of Warp Speed vaccine orders, this t would add to our easy-to-distribute supply.

The new Administration did retain Dr. Anthony Fauci to head up its Covid effort. The Doctor has a decidedly checkered record of pushing himself into areas beyond his expertise. A political bureaucrat, the Doctor, is seen as somebody who would support the Biden regime. He promptly proved them right by supporting their $1.9 trillion Covid Relief package. He cited the need for the $130 billion needed for the schools to open. Just what’s Fauci’s expertise on government finances or education? Nobody should be surprised by a lifelong bureaucrat playing politics, but he hasn’t done anything to keep the Biden administration from appearing totally out of touch. How does having Fauci in and Dr. Moncef Slaouri out improve our situation?

Case in point, Vice president Kamela Harris recently told Axios, ” “In many ways, we are starting from scratch on something that’s been raging for almost an entire year.” Even Dr. Fauci credits the former Administration for “Warp Speed” successes. Yet, the V.P. continues to tell this discredited whopper.

A few weeks in, the Biden administration has yet to demonstrate any degree of competence. Outside of his family, few if any viewed Joe Biden as up to the presidency. So far, he has lived down to low regard. Some think referring to the President as a “doofus” is harsh, but if the dunce cap fits…

Something the Administration might do to improve is to look in on the Johns Hopkins Covid info before they speak:

As you can see, we are on our way to Herd-Immunity by late Spring, if not before. Of course, the Biden Administration could screw it up.

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